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Truenga™ Snooze Neck Travel Pillow

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Truenga™ Neck Travel Pillow With Hoodie

Skip the Jetlag


Back Support

A great posture results in comfort and relaxation


Integrated Hoodie

Prevents necking and adds comfortable back support


Folds Easily

Easy to fold and stow away for your next adventure

Why Is This Your Ultimate Travel Pillow?

6 Different Ways To Use It



Unique ergonomic pillow special for long-haul flights with 6-in-1 sleeping positions for universal comfort



A nylon strap allows you to adjust the pillow to your needs; an elastic side pocket fits your smartphone



Made of breathable double eyelet fabric, the hood covers the eyes up to the nose to block light for a better rest

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Not All Are Created Equal

Just like a shoe, we believe a travel pillows must fit the way you snooze

Our story

Truenga™ is like a superhero pillow that was created because we know how uncomfortable long flights can be. Our founders got the idea during a really tiring flight when they wished for a magical pillow. This special pillow can be used in six different ways, like having a hood to block out light or supporting your neck in different positions. It's like having a cozy cloud around your neck! We worked with smart designers to make sure it's super comfy. After testing it on many flights, Truenga™ became a magical pillow loved by people everywhere, and now it's here to make your travels feel like a dream!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We usually ship all orders within 1 - 3 business days.

When will my order arrive?

Most orders arrive within 7 - 10 business days anywhere in the world. However due to the current situation around the world there might be a slight delay at the border for international customers.

Will I have to pay duties?

All US orders will not be charged duties. Other countries may be charged duties. This is outside our control.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Just send back your order within 30 days for a full refund.

What if I have more questions?

Do not hesitate to email us using the contact link on this page. We offer 24/7 customer support.

Customer's stories

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Dec 19, 2023

Rosalind L.

For some strange reason I have a hard time sleeping on a regular pillow (and I have tried all kinds). So I ordered this pillow to try it out. It works perfectly. For once I got a good night's rest.

Dec 19, 2023


compre 2 en nuestro viaje a europa y estan muy suavesitas y comodas. si estas buscando unas almuadas para tu proximo viaje dmno dudes en comprar este producto 100% recomendable.

Dec 10, 2023

jana from Houston


Dec 5, 2023

Irina K

I used it for 9 hours trip and would like to say that it was great purchase !

Nov 26, 2023


Was a good choice. Better support than other styles.

Nov 14, 2023


Love it. It is so comfortable and easy to use. Firm enought to support head and soft enough to make you want to sleep. Love the shape and how it looks! Great product. I will be buying this for my family.

Nov 12, 2023


I love this pillow I use it while sitting on my recliner, I never traveled with it but if I go anywhere it comes with me, its soft, easy to use and I absolutely love it.

Nov 10, 2023

Susan Ichikawa

This pillow will keep my head in place while traveling but it is very firm.

Nov 2, 2023


My husband tried various travel pillows in last 6 years . This order was made in a rush before leaving to his trip where he had a flight journey of 3+ hours . He says this is the best travel pillow he could have . He slept very happily in his flight journey and he is very pleased to buy this . It provides good support to neck and is of good quality ! A lucky find !

Oct 30, 2023

Ultimate Spinner

This is probably the fifth neck support I've tried for a transatlantic flight. It had very comfortable support both forward and side. I used it upside down as a video suggested and it gave me what I needed for six hours of sleep!

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