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Best Places To Go On Holiday In November To See The Aurora Borealis

Looking for the best places to go on holiday in November? It is Wednesday November 23, 2016, Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.

There is a WhatsApp chat group that Ines, one of our backpacking crew member named “Viaje A Norwega,” (trip to Norway in Spanish) and it has the aurora borealis as the group picture.

Ferry Across The Norwegian Sea To Lofoten

After leaving my office early on Wednesday to go home and get my small backpack and luggage ready, the chat started blowing up. We were to re-group in my home in Fort Lauderdale so we could all, the five of us (six with Alejandro who’d meet us at the airport) take an Uber to the airport.
It was named “Viaje A Norwega” because we are only coming here with one purpose and one purpose only. To sight-see the magnificent splendor of the Aurora Borealis, a breathtaking and beautiful phenomenon where oceans and waves of ardent green and contrasting lights dance in the sky.
Although I don’t know much about the science behind the aurora, it is my understanding that the phenomenon is due to the magnetic fields of the north and south poles and they are more prevalent in this time of the year starting in November to around February.
According to my brother Fabio, my travel buddy when it comes to doing crazy backpacking and extreme sports trips, this is the time when you can see them best. He has seen these lights like three times in both Alaska, Norway’s Tromso and Iceland.
Do you know what causes the phenomenon of the northern lights? Perhaps you can share with us below on the comments.

On Our Way To Our Cabin In Reine, Lofoten

Why is Oslo and Lofoten, Norway, one of the best places to go on Holiday in November? This is one of them and here is why…
I am not going to give you the “top 10 best places to go on vacation” if you have a small budget or the 5 best places to hike, but I will give you this one tip that will help you in all your future travels, regardless of where you are going.
It is Thursday Thanksgiving holiday right now as I am typing these words at nearly 25,000 feet in the air. Here I would like to share with you how to travel to Europe on a budget any time of the year.


How Did The Backpacking Team Get Started?

Lofoten Norway Day Light - Aurora Borealis

Exactly one year ago I was driving with all my house inside my car from Ohio back home to Miami to live with my family. In case you don’t know me yet, I like to take sabbatical backpacking vacations of months long. I would rather work hard and take long vacations traveling getting to know the world.
But why not do both simultaneously? I thought to myself. I had to find a way…a story which I will tell you on another blog.
Anyways…back to the subject.
Last November, after having made it back to Miami. My brother Fabio and I decided to go diving in Cuba. 2 days later, there was something with the embargo that shot plane ticket prices sky high, so we diverted to Mexico to dive Los Cenotes, a subterranean tunnel system underwater created by ancient meteors. More on that coming soon too!
Alejandro, a Miamian friend of Fabio, decided to tag along. I wanted to see the whale sharks close so I convinced my brother to go inquire about the whale shark tours.
“Oh, they are gone by now. They are here until around September,” they told us at the Dive Mike diving shop in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. “But hey…we have the bull shark season.” Although I would not do it again, the adrenaline of three extreme sports enthusiasts kicked in and made us go for the yes.
That is another story coming up soon too.
One year later, November 2016, here we are again. The three of us hanging out. Chasing the splendor of the northern lights.
But now…a couple of more crazies joined us. Our group doubled and we are 6 crazies catching a plane from Fort Lauderdale to Oslo and from Oslo to Bodoo, with the final destination of Lofoten and finally Reine.
Not many people would undertake such a journey to see the northern lights. Hence my reasoning why I think these dudes I hang out with are just nuts!
As I look down from my window I can see the mountains full of ice. It is spectacular and breathtaking. I could imagine myself hiking those mountains one day for weeks going on an adventure to blog and tell the world about.


Sight From The Sky

Best Places To Go On Holiday In November - Picture From The Sky

The clouds look like white-grey cotton candy from above. And I cannot wait to get down to Bodoo and start our journey. We are so lucky to be here. But hey, it is my expectation that you might enjoy these pictures too.

The Best Time Of The Year To Watch The Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Lofoten Norway

The reason why we chose Norway for Thanksgiving holiday is because not only is this the best time to watch the lights but also plane tickets are really inexpensive.
For around $350 dollars, sometimes even for even $200 dollars, you can get a roundtrip flight on Norwegian Air from Fort Lauderdale to Oslo.
HOT TIP – The reason it is very inexpensive is because Oslo is like the gateway to Europe. So next time you are traveling to Europe from America, you can save around two thirds of the ticket if you fly to Oslo and then you get a domestic flight to anywhere in the European Union.
The reason I know about this is because my brother Fabio lived in Norway for some time. Had I listened to him I would saved a bunch when I traveled four months ago to Pamplona, Spain in July to run with the bulls at the Fiestas de San Fermin…more on that coming soon too!
So there you have it. That is a tip that you can share with your loved ones too.
On the next post I will give in depth analysis of how to find in advance the best prices no matter where you find yourself in the world to any destination you’d like to go and find hidden city flights to take advantage of.
All right, got to go. We are descending now plus it is almost night time here. Yes…it gets dark here very quickly at around 1:30pm.
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Happy Thanksgiving holiday,
The backpacking team!