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3D Magic Printer Pen

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Love creating magic out nothing? Now you can create your own 3D printings and have your own creative studio with the all new 3D Magic Printer Pen. Bring Rapunzel, Frozen, Ironman, Mickey Mouse and any of your favorite cartoons/comics to life by replicating your own 3D model with the colors you like. Imagine having your own studio where you are the director and personal craftsman. All you need is your imagination.

The 3D Magic Printer Pen is lightweight making it easy to use for kids to use, measuring 220 by 170 by 70 mm and weighing less than 0.4 kg. Its fast melting ability allows for the ABS plastic filaments to dry instantly helping you create any myriad of models. Its nozzle size of 0.7 mm gives it a pen like feel to create anything just as you are writing onto paper. Choose from multiple colors and multiple adapter outlet plugs. The package includes one 3D printing pen, a 12V 3A power adapter, one user manual and three 3-meter 1.75mm ABS filaments of different colors (chosen at random) for you to get started.

We have a limited number of these prototypes as they are being manufactured. If you see a “No Item Left” notice at checkout please message us and we will let you know when we have more in stock.

We ship worldwide and provide insured shipping. Tracking numbers will be automatically generated and provided upon request.

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