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3D Memory Sleep Mask

$29.95 $86.85


Love chasing advenures? 3D adjustable to the contour of your face, the memory foam offers excellent comfort for travel while flying, at home, at the office, roadtrips or even at the beach. Makes a great gift to travel buddies, family and collegues.

Its soft sponge and secure cord helps adjust it to your face nice and comfortably. Its revolutionary design matches every face shape.

Have you tried others and the light comes through? The 3D memory foam mask blocks out ambient light to give better sleep.

It comes in black as shown. The material is created of a spongy texture for greater comfort. Measuring 25 cm in width, 10 cm in length and 4 cm diameter in eye socket, it adjusts to all face shapes with its three dimensional modeling. It will fit any head circumference from 56 – 63 cm. The eye socket revolutionary 3D design offer no oppression against eye lids. Its human nose shape not only makes it more comfortable on your nose but also offers a better grip. Its 3D design also offers great blackout, hence why we think this is a must have for all travelers.

Note: if you get a message at checkout that item is out of stock, just return a week later and we might have it in stock again, or simply message us!

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