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Animal Twist Bracelets

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Animal Twists are the bejeweled pets that transform into sparkly bracelets! You can even create necklaces or backpack accessories and take them with you on the go! These collectible pets have adorable animal faces and sweet tails! Each pet’s authentic detailing brings them to life. Twist and Create Bracelets and So Much More!


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To wear as a bracelet, simply connect the two ends of your Animal Twists together. With two twists, your bracelet transforms back into an adorable Animal Twists that you can keep on your desk, in your pocket or on your dresser. You can even connect multiple Animal Twists together and create a glittery necklace!


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Animal Twists into a Bracelet or Necklace - It’s easy to string your pets bracelet together to create a gorgeous bracelet, necklace or backpack accessories! Simply pull on either end of your kitty, elephant, deer, giraffe to untwist. Then, push to connect the ends of two pets together. To transform from bracelet to cute animal, simply twist

Animal Twists Bracelet - Includes a different super cute animal bracelet. There are so many adorable animals to collect and wear. Wear them and share them with.

Adorable Design - These collectible pets bracelets have adorable animal faces and cute tails! The cheerful and bright colors of the pets bracelet are great to promote children's perception and discrimination of various colors and shapes, enhance their aesthetic appeal and visual senses. Figuring out how to make a beautiful decoration help build hand strength and inspire imagination. Do it by themselves, cultivate their creativity and cooperation skill

Safe Material & Top Quality - All the pets bracelet are sturdy and well-made, smooth surface, won’t hurt kids’ hands and skin. We are confident our product quality is much better than most of the sellers' products

Best Choice Gift for Girls - Can make lots of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets and backpack accessories. They are so much fun, girls absolutely would love them, it is the best gift for Christmas, Birthday and New Year. Suitable for girls 3, 4, 5, 6 years old and up


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1x Animal Twists

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