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Aurora Forest Necklace

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This beautiful Aurora Forest Necklace is an absolutely innovative creation finely realized in a most original design. He wears a 12 mm cabochon crystal perfectly enclosed in claws in the form of tree branches beautifully worked. It is mounted on a 40 cm long chain to which was added an additional 4 cm extension chain for an impeccable fit to your neck.


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The specific characteristic of this beautiful pendant lies in the fact that depending on the brightness, it produces different light halos. This clever design was inspired by the phenomenon of Northern Lights that illuminate the sky in some parts of the planet. The beautiful glittering sparkles produced by the pendant will undoubtedly enhance your cleavage while sublimating each of your daily dress. So you will have no problem to easily coordinate whatever your look and it will complement nicely the charm of your style.


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Aurora, appearing in the sky above the earth is a colorful and luminous phenomenon. If you can go to the distant forest, you can see the mysterious brilliance, no regrets.

Halo crystal(Film coating process): turning the crystal angle in the sun will show different halos, representing the colorful aurora in the forest

Tree-shaped catch: The tree is surrounded by this colorful aurora, which is the forest that quietly sets off this light.


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Name: Aurora forest design necklace

material: s925 silver/ Halo crystal

bead diameter: about 12mm

process: handmade

length: about 40cm Extension chain 5cm

Aurora Forest Necklace9



1x Wiping silver cloth

1x Aurora forest design necklace

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