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Lucky Elephant Beaded Bracelet

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The majestic elephant is an animal that symbolizes primarily strength, honor, stability, and tenacity. It also has immense determination and loyalty by always standing up for others and always defending members of the group. The God Ganesha who takes the form of an elephant is the god of luck, fortune, protection and blesses all new projects. Ganesha with all his magnificent elephant glory bulldozes all obstacles. 

Elephants are also known to fulfill personal responsibility even at the end of their days as they travel to a specific place upon their death. Paired with the Happy Buddha, that contagious smile can make problems disappear and ensure a happy feeling. He is also known as the Buddha of abundance and happiness. Also as the “Buddha of Wealth”, he brings wealth and prosperity.


Item Type: Pendant Necklace

Item Condition: Brand New

Material: Zinc Alloy, Natural Stone

Cord Type: Elastic

Design: Happy Buddha, Elephant

Chain Length: 18cm | 7in

Diameter: 5.5cm | 2.2in

Elephant Charm-Size:: 2cm x 2.1cm | 0.79in x 0.82in


1X Lucky Elephant Beaded Bracelet

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