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Indestructible Universal Camera-Lens Cap

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Trek through a dust storm. Move in a tropical storm. Step over a swamp. The Universal Lens Cap is the most ideal approach to cover and ensure your camera lenses. That is all. It's intended to fit almost every DSLR and Full Frame Mirrorless Camera lens with an impenetrable/waterproof seal, holding up to components the most goal-oriented picture takers may persevere. You may lament solidifying your furthest points off in a hailstorm just to get that flawless shot, however, you will love bringing this lens cap. We guarantee it!


Universal Camera Lens Cap7


One cap will absorb a little bit of a drop, but photographers who desire a greater degree of bump/drop protection can layer several Universal Camera Lens Caps, placing one lens cover over another until you have several very snug layers of rubber between your lens and the elements. When not in use, the lens can be folded and stored in a compact area, such as a pocket or wallet.


Universal Camera Lens Cap5




ELEMENT PROOF - Get dirty; your lens won't; The Universal Camera Lens Cap prevents water, mud, and the finest dust and sand from mucking up your lens.


FITS 99% OF LENSES - It stretches from 60mm to 120mm and can be used as both a front and rear lens cap for ultimate insurance; Stack multiple caps on top of each other for extra protection; Withstands years of heavy use


SHOCK ABSORBENT - Smacking, bumping or banging your lens is no longer a concern; The ULC absorbs most blunt-force trauma that could occur to both the front and exterior sides of the lens


COMPRESSIBLE - The Universal Camera Lens Cap can be conveniently compressed to fit in pockets, wallets, socks, underneath armpits, you name it


MAX SECURITY - Once it's on, it stays on. You have to intentionally pull the Universal Camera Lens Cap off to remove it.


Universal Camera Lens Cap8




1x  Camera Lens Cover


Tracking numbers will be generated to most destination countries and provided upon request. Insured shipping included. We only carry a limited supply. If you see a “No Items” note at checkout, send us a note and we will notify you whenever we get more in stock.


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