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Dragon&Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet [Set Of 2]

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These are two of the most sacred animals, often used as emblems of emperors and empresses. The majestic Dragon represents the Yang qualities of male vigor, fertility, power, success, wisdom, prosperity and authority. As for the incomparable splendor of the Phoenix, it is the Yin: grace, purity, health, renewal, transformation and feminine beauty.


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These Dragon&Phoenix Obsidian Bracelets could be perfect for couples wanting to unify and strengthen their love.


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In fact, these Bracelets have a deep spiritual meaning for Lovers as Phoenix and Dragon are both representing the ultimate Yin and Yang. They complement each other to create balance and romantic bliss. This heavenly couple is the symbol of eternal love and success, prosperity and blessings.


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DRAGON - It has a diverse range of qualities, emotions, and traits giving it a number of different meanings. Most often it carries a reminder of strength, courage, and fortitude. Dragons are messengers of balance and magic. If the dragon has arrived in your life, it asks that you tap into your psychic nature and allow yourself to view the world through the eyes of wonder and mystery.


Dragon&Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet

PHOENIX - It symbolizes transformation, rebirth, renewal, creation, protection, hope, and invincibility. The immortal Phoenix never truly dies. The Phoenix’s presence tells you that you’re ready for a significant change, a new perspective, and a renewal of self. It will always help you overcome impossible odds, shining hope in the midst of despair.

Dragon&Phoenix Obsidian Bracelet


Rainbow Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass that has powerful healing properties. It's a very seductive stone with its multiple reflections.

It is also seen as a stone of pleasure, enhancing gratification and enjoyment into your life.

In the areas of love and relationships, Rainbow Obsidian is effective for developing intuition and clairvoyance.

Like the Obsidian, it's a stone that dissolves negative thoughts that arise from your own inner dialogue or that are directed towards yourself.

It is a wonderfully protective stone that when programmed properly shields you from negativity.

Keep this stone in your Aura for as long as you can each day to benefit greatly from its energy.

Two Blue Tiger's Eye beads adorn the bracelets. The Blue Tiger's Eye mainly acts to the Throat Chakras and the 3rd Eye.

It is a stone of intuition and insight that makes you aware of new solutions to problems that you may have trouble overcoming.

It is also very protective, it helps to ward off nightmares and protects against malice and jealousy.


Material: Rainbow Obsidian & Blue Tiger's Eye

Beads Size: 6-8 mm

Fits all wrists

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelets


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1* Dragon Bracelet

1* Phoenix Bracelet

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