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HDX Phone Camera Lens

$19.95 $66.50


Transform your smartphone into a professional camera. Take short & long distance close-ups. Great for the recreational photographer & travel enthusiast! NOT SOLD IN STORES!

Designed for the recreational photographer and travel enthusiast, the HDX Phone Camera Lens is designed for the on-the-go adventure enthusiast who likes great quality photos at an affordable price.

We all enjoy taking pictures during our travels for our Instagram account or portfolios, yet wish we could have the power to take great quality shots without having to spend $2,000 dollars on a professional DSLR camera. Enjoy taking great quality shots with the Phone To Pro 8X and 12X camera lens magnifier for your smartphones.

The “HDX Phone Camera Lens” magnifier turns any smartphone into a professional camera by increasing the view thousands of meters in distance. Universally designed for all smartphones, the lens can be used with iPhone and Android models. Use it even with tables.

The lenses are lightweight weighing 160 grams, easy to carry with your gear. Put it in your pocket when on the go. The objective lens measures 2.5 cm with the exit pupil diameter measuring 0.25 cm. Total size is 10 cm by 3.1 cm.

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Capture better experiences on your travels.

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