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Balancing Hematite Agate Protection Bracelets

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Hematite is a stone that grounds and ensures. It reinforces our association with the earth, giving us the sentiment of being protected and secure. It gives fearlessness, quality, continuance, and imperativeness. Hematite likewise animates fixation and center, improving memory and unique idea. It likewise expels cynicism and keeps you from retaining the antagonism of others. 


Balancing Hematite Agate Protection


Agate is a stone of quality. It was utilized by the Ancients on the breastplates of a protective layer to give warriors quality and make them successful to fight empowering blasts of vitality as required. Along these lines, agate is a preservation stone and upgrades lifespan. Inwardly, agate gives mettle, enthusiastic quality, self-assurance, and disperses fears


Balancing Hematite Agate Protection


The natural stone beads are hand chosen piece by piece to guarantee an excellent bit of gems. They are high quality by our gifted goldsmiths and the flexible nylon makes it perfect and simple to wear.


Balancing Hematite Agate Protection



Item Type: Bracelet

Condition: Brand New

Chain Type: Elastic

Material: Hematite, Agate

Length: Approx.19cm | 7.5in


Tracking numbers will be generated to most destination countries and provided upon request. Insured shipping included. We only carry a limited supply. If you see a “No Items” note at checkout, send us a note and we will notify you whenever we get more in stock.


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Balancing Hematite Agate Protection

Balancing Hematite Agate Protection

Balancing Hematite Agate Protection