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Backpacker iPhone Charging Case

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Super thin and unbelievably powerful with an extra 70% more battery, the attractive Backpacker iPhone Charging Case is a must take on all your adventures. Love taking pics and selfies? Then you will need the extra battery power and charge on your iPhone device. It’s easy to carry with lightning fast charging and minimalist design for comfort and portability. Charge your phone anytime anywhere. Excellent for standby power during travel, business trips and all adventures.

The Backpacker iPhone Charging Case is made of durable flex ABS ultra-thin material and a luxury spec design. It provides a capacity of 2000mAh for iPhone 6 PLUS and 7PLUS models and 1500mAh for iPhone 6 and 7 models. The charging cases provide a voltage input and output of 5V/1A. Slim by design, the 5.5 inch cases measure 164.8 by 85 by 11.2 mm and 140 by 69.3 by 11.2 mm for 4.7 inch cases. Very comfortable to carry in your pocket, the cases only weigh 59 grams for the 4.7 inch models and 79 grams or the 5.5 inch models.

The cases are suitable as a standby power supply when traveling, touring the country side or running your daily routine. Take it with you on your adventures as a great add on gear. The cases are designed as a protective backup battery case that can add extra safety to your phone while charging it.

Our promotional items include insured shipping. Tracking numbers will be automatically generated and provided upon request. We have 24/7/365 email support. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We have a very limited quantity of these newly manufactures cases.

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