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Inflatable Folding Neck Pillow

$11.99 $23.85


Save space with this easy to travel inflatable neck pillow. Comfortable. Pocket size. Great for backpackers & frequent travelers. Makes a wonderful gift!

Made of great PVC flocking fabric, the inflatable neck pillow is made for comfort. With it’s U-shaped form you will never have to worry about neck pain again and will enjoy long adventurous flights.

Don’t have enough space on your backpack? No worries. Measuring 33 x 26 x 14 cm, you can fold it into a small size pouch. Use it at home, hotels, flights, car trips, the office, etc.

Item includes one U-shaped pillow and one pouch. Choose from multiple colors.

Makes a great gift. Receipt of all items are guaranteed! Get an extra $3 dollars off shipping by applying coupon code neck17 until the timers disappears (limited time only!)

To better travels,

The Backpacking Team!