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Acupuncture Massager Slippers

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Improve your health everytime you walk! There's nothing more alluring than having a massage that improves your well-being without having to go to the spa! You can have this massage every time you walk, with the help of these Acupuncture Massager Slippers!

Our health is our wealth!

These slippers will give a deep foot massage for the nerves in your feet. You'll definitely love it! They will hurt your feet at first until you get used to them. It is the initial discomfort that signifies just how much you need them and which areas of the body need a little work. They would be great for everyone!


Specially-made silicone massage column.

180 degree rotatable.

Better stimulate and massage foot acupoints.

82 pieces massage points arranged scientifically.

Magic tape shoes which can adjust the degree of tightness freely.


Adopts unique magnetotherapy. 41 pieces massage points arranged scientifically on each shoe. It will better stimulate and massage foot acupoints due to its specially-made silicone massage column. 180 degree rotatable and magic tape design makes it comfortable to wear. It allows free adjusting of the degree of tightness. Massaging second heart on the foot when walking every day. It has a great effect in activating blood and dredging the channel. An ideal item for health caring.

We ship worldwide. Tracking numbers will be generated to most destination countries and provided upon request. Insured shipping included. 


To better massaging & better travels,

~The Backpacking Team ;)


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