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Neck Relief Travel Hammock

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Relax anywhere at anytime by simply resting your head on the Neck Relief Travel Hammock. Excellent to relief neck pain, body tension and stress. It also minimizes tension, headaches, enhances sleep quality, and improves posture and alignment.

Simply hang it at a door bell or just about any support and lie your head on it for full relief.

The resulting body position is designed to offer your extensive neck relief for your neck musles, joints, tendons,  including your back and shoulders. Travel often? Use it after your workouts or during your busy travel for 10-20 minutes interval resting periods.


It requires only a door or rail to function properly. Simply wrap the fabric hook around the back handle, that which is hidden from view, of a closed door, so that the leash passes between the door and the doorjamb. If using a rail or pole, wrap the fabric around something parallel to the floor.

Then lay on the ground, keeping the body straight and the back against the floor with the head and neck cradled by the hammock. Benefits can be felt with just 10 minutes of use per day.


1 Neck Traction Hammock

1 Carry Pouch

Note: Different batch has different colors of foam pads and cotton lining. Color will be shipped randomly.

Tracking numbers will be generated to most destination countries and provided upon request. Insured shipping included. We only carry a limited supply. If you see a “No Items” note at checkout, send us a note and we will notify you whenever we get more in stock.

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