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Portable USB Smoothie Blender

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Love making smoothies or protein shakes? Then you will love these Portable USB Smoothie Blenders. Perfect for the “on the go” lifestyle. Take it with you to the gym, to the office or on your adventure trips. Save space for your adventure luggage by taking your smoothie blender with you. Easy to clean. User friendly to use. Ice crusher. High power and very versatile.

With their durable acid proof stainless steel stirring blades, you will be able to make smoothies, mix protein shakes and even crush ice. Simply stir and drink directly from the cup. The portable blenders feature a carrying rope, portable and slick design, BPA free silicone material and a revolutionary groove design for a more practical use. Make a delicious fruity juice anytime anywhere. Makes a great gift for family and friends ;)

Blenders have a power around 200W with a motor speed of 15,000 to 22,000 rpm and battery type of 2000 mAh 3.7V. The blenders measure 75 by 75 by 230 mm and only weigh 414 g.


1. Cut fruits into small pieces of about 1.5 by 1.5 cm (remove thick and hard to chew materials).

2. Fill the cup up to around 60% of the volume of the bottle after adding water so the total volume is around 80% capacity.

3. Invert the cup, press start and gently shake the cup while grinding.

4. Once finished, turn off the switch and unscrew the cover to drink.

NOTE: Do not freeze. Not intended for hot liquids. Do no use in microwave.

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To betters smoothies and better travels,

~The Backpacking Team ;)